US Rails :
Ben Arnold Piano, Keys, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Scott Bricklin:  Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Keys, Vocals
Tom Gillam:  Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Slide, Vocals
Matt Muir:  Drums, Percussion, Vocals


(L-R) Tom Gillam, Scott Bricklin, Ben Arnold & Matt Muir

US RAILS are resuming their long journey. Picking up where the band’s tour to support “Mile By Mile” was cut short at the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. 

Interrupted but undeterred, over the 2 1/2 lost years, and thousands of miles apart, US Rails has completed the brand new and uplifting “Live For Another Day”. It will be released by Blue Rose Records in February 2023 as they mount a full scale return to Europe with shows in Spain, Italy, Germany, France & Denmark. 

A well seasoned, veteran live act, this is a band who has shared the better part of their lives playing masterful, iconic sounding rock and roll in the shadows of the giants but continues to create, evolve, persist, and have a lot of laughs making music along the way. 

“Mile By Mile" showed how Ben Arnold, Scott Bricklin, Tom Gillam and Matt Muir had made a conscious effort to open the gates and let their rock n’ roll horses run free. That’s not to say they had abandoned their trademark harmony vocal blend. It's still there, front and center, but with more musical muscle underneath. 

Drawn from their collective influences and personal takes on rock and vintage R&B, the good-time recording atmosphere they create is palpable on each and every track of every new recording they release. 

“Live For Another Day” resumes the band’s reflection on the rapidly changing times in the United States and around the world and shows them wearing some of their thoughts and beliefs, as well as their hearts, on their well tattered sleeves.  There is an unease and apprehension but it gives way to celebration and jubilation. 

“Live For Another Day”, the bands 6th full length, original album, shows them growing ever more comfortable and loose, diving into some of their ragged, rock roots in a collection of songs that have some of the feel of the past with an eye toward the future. 

What was once just a one off, go-for-the-thrill experiment, has by now become a fixture in the lives of each member of US RAILS. While they all continue to pursue thriving solo careers, producing, recording, and releasing countless albums on their own, it is those separate experiences, spun together, which add layer upon layer to the solid bedrock that forms the foundation of this band's rare and exceptional sound.